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A selection of non conventional bridal jewellery

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Snake diamonds ring
2.450,00 EUR  
Full Moon ring
690,00 EUR  
Amande earrings
85,00 EUR  
Paloma earring
250,00 EUR  
Lina earring
510,00 EUR  
Tina earring
275,00 EUR  
Amande chain earrings
89,00 EUR  
Amande chain earrings diamond
695,00 EUR  
Full Moon earring
485,00 EUR  
Eloise earring tanzanite
390,00 EUR  
Amande chain earring
275,00 EUR  
Double C earrings Topaz
695,00 EUR  
Blue Tanzanite necklace
450,00 EUR  
Ring with Topaz
575,00 EUR  
Signature Bloom ring
690,00 EUR  
Double C earrings Topaz
830,00 EUR  
Lina Big earring
310,00 EUR  
Signature earring pink sapphires
375,00 EUR  
Petite comète necklace
3.375,00 EUR  
Petite comète Emerald ring
2.875,00 EUR  
Signature earring with topaz
435,00 EUR  

A selection of unique and non conventionnal bridal jewellery in 18ct or 9ct gold to celebrate your wedding. Discover our engagement or wedding rings to wear on your wedding day and the rest of your life.

Nayestones also crafts unique engagement or wedding ring, customized to suit your wishes. We will create the perfect ring to complement your personal style. Please contact u for your special project. 

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