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Fashion Jewellery: Necklaces

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Amande necklace yellow gold
125,00 EUR  
Amande necklace silver
75,00 EUR  
Cloud necklace
100,00 EUR  
Amande long necklace yellow gold
135,00 EUR  
Double C choker
125,00 EUR  
Big Full Moon necklace
125,00 EUR  
Mini amande long necklace gold plated
125,00 EUR  
Full Moon chocker
125,00 EUR  
Full Moon chocker
195,00 EUR  
Small Full Moon necklace
105,00 EUR  
SKIN necklace silver
195,00 EUR  
SKIN long necklace
250,00 EUR  
Torsade long necklace with pearls
295,00 EUR  
Torsade long necklace
450,00 EUR  

You will find at Nayestones the necklace or choker that will sublimate your outfit among fashion jewellery collections with pure and timeless lines developed by the Belgian designer Natalie Schayes. Oscillating between elegance, modernity and sophistication, necklaces from the Moon, Amande or Double C collections are available for purchase online or in the showroom in Overijse, Belgium.

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