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Fine Jewellery in 18ct white gold

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SKIN ring
850,00 EUR  
Snake diamonds ring
2.450,00 EUR  
Full Moon ring
690,00 EUR  
Amande necklace 18K gold
650,00 EUR  
Snake Eye diamonds bracelet
750,00 EUR  
Snake Eye diamond earrings
450,00 EUR  
Snake Eye diamonds earrings
250,00 EUR  
Snake Eye diamonds ring
485,00 EUR  
Snake Eye chain ring diamond
295,00 EUR  
Snake eye diamond necklace
450,00 EUR  
Long Snake eye diamonds necklace
665,00 EUR  
Lina earring
510,00 EUR  
Amande chain earrings diamond
695,00 EUR  
Full Moon earring
485,00 EUR  
Eloise earring tanzanite
390,00 EUR  
Amande chain earring
275,00 EUR  
Blue Tanzanite necklace
450,00 EUR  
Baby Open heart earring
197,00 EUR  
Petite comète Knuckle ring
950,00 EUR  
Curl ring
450,00 EUR  
Amande chain earring diamond
350,00 EUR  

Nayestones timeless jewellery with its 18K white gold necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings will give you a delicate yet modern and refined look. The single 18K white gold earrings will dress your ear with refinement. The jewels are available for purchase online or in the showroom (shop) in Overijse, Belgium.

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