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Jewellery design: a labour of love

Portrait création bijoux

Contemporary jewellery designer Natalie Schayes has lived several lives and several passions, tracing her way through the worlds of fashion, design and communication before finding the ultimate expression of her vision of beauty and reaching out to us through the sensuality of her jewellery. Working under the brand she devised and launched, by the name of Nayestones (a combination of her last and first name and the word stones), Natalie first designs her prototypes before commissioning the most carefully selected craftsmen to execute her vision.

Nayestones pares her creations down to leave only the essential, charged with meaning and symbolism. In all simplicity, far removed from ostentation.

For her collections in 18-carat gold and diamonds, the designer prefers to step off the beaten track, reinventing and reinterpreting the precious jewel and evoking its purity. A far cry from formal jewellery, Nayestones offers a luxury that is intimate and spiritual, a luxury for oneself. This eminently wearable jewellery with its sensual, sometimes even tribal, minimalism sets out to convey emotion.



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